10 reasons

To conclude a production contract under your own private label with the biofactory «Niva»

  • The ICMC integrated project management system


    The ICMC integrated project management system

    Upon outsourcing manufacturing contract, you get an access to the project management system.

  • The development of the strategy «Your Private Label»


    The development of the strategy «Your Private Label»

    Our company will undertake the solution of important and expensive tasks: from concept to implementation.

  • The growth in profitability


    The growth in profitability

    Upon outsourcing manufacturing contract, you increase your profitability by reducing costs.

  • Flexible terms of cooperation


    Flexible terms of cooperation

    By working with us, you gain an access to production processes and product quality control.

  • The guaranteed availability of goods


    The guaranteed availability of goods

    You can clearly plan the sales calendar taking into account seasonality and planned promotional activity.

  • A full production cycle


    A full production cycle

    You will have the opportunity to occupy a niche in the chemical and microbiological synthesis product groups.

  • Product licenses


    Product licenses

    We will help you to prepare the documents for the product and to solve the problem related to its certification in the market.

  • A fast entry to the market


    A fast entry to the market

    We will help you to enter the market in a short time, independently managing the margin of your product.

  • The individual labeling


    The individual labeling

    A certified packaging from global suppliers and design labels tailored to your wishes.

  • The experience


    The experience

    You gain invaluable experience working with a new product and in a new market, increasing your own competitiveness.


    The potential of a powerful research center is an effective pillar of your business. An innovative combination of production factors and state-of-the-art analytical equipment offers opportunity to investigate the stability of products, to monitor the reaction of the process at all times and to ensure the quality of finished products. Our intellectual potential and equipment allow us to carry out research work. We have our rich microorganism depository and we also cooperate with the National Russian Collection of microorganisms, which allows us to find microbiological solutions to the most complex problems in agricultural production.


    An extensive experience in product manufacturing and expert knowledges are available to you when developing a product promotion strategy. After entering into a production contract, you get a product launch program, market analysis, and revenue forecasts.


    Get access to production capabilities that allow you to produce a wide range of products in the fields of agriculture, sanitation, personal and industrial hygiene products, animal waste processing. The biofactory has many years of experience in the production of biological products, which allows to achieve a high concentration of existing microorganisms and the maximum possible shelf life. Use our chemical goods production and bottling resource based on a modern complex under the highly qualified specialists’ supervision. Our unique system is operating at the production site, which represents a set of measures aimed at maintaining sterility, ensuring the optimal temperature regime and utilizing industrial waste.


    Use our established sales system:

    • Get a forecast of seasonal fluctuations in sales and the possibility of their compensation, planning for implementation at the initial stage and expanding sales in the future.
    • We offer an established technological system for bottling products.
    • All manufactured products will be securely packaged and prepared for transportation.
    • Our well-organized logistic structure allows us not to think about the distance between production and consumer.