Consent to the processing of personal data

I express to empresa agrícola Niva LLC (TIN 9107003674) my consent to the automated and non-automated processing of my personal data, including the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction of the following personal data transmitted by me personally, including using the Internet services Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrica:

  • data from this Questionnaire/Application/Feedback Form;
  • source of access to the site and the information of the search or advertising query;
  • data about the user device (including resolution, version, and other attributes, such as the user device, IP address);
  • information about the user's browser (or other program that allows access to the Internet), technical characteristics of the hardware and software used by the user;
  • access date and time;
  • data describing the audience segments;
  • session parameters;
  • data about the time of the visit;
  • the user ID stored in the cookie.

Niva may process the above personal data for the following purposes:

  • communication with me, including sending notifications, requests and information related to the use of this site, the execution of agreements and contracts, the processing of requests sent by me through the site;
  • depersonalization of personal data in order to obtain depersonalized statistical data and conduct market research.

Processing (on paper; in information systems of personal data and without the use of automation tools, as well as in a mixed way) of my personal data by Rybbla must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On Personal Data".

I consent to receive promotional communications, including through the mobile radiotelephone network, from empresa agrícola Niva LLC, its counterparties and affiliates.

This consent comes into force from the current moment for an indefinite period.

This consent may be revoked by a written statement sent to the e-mail address

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